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Some additional informations about buying at Canalettos:

We sometimes get asked whether we have any kittens that we would be prepared to sell just as a simple pet, and that they are not really interested in the pedigree documentation or whether the cat corresponds to the standard… As long as the cat is cute, lovable, pretty and CHEAP.
Well, we can't do cheap. We have a hobby which in contrast to gardening or model railways sort of co-finances itself via the sales of kittens, but really only sort of. Cat breeding is a very expensive hobby, and a serious breeder is a member of a recognised association and is prepared to open up his wallet for association member fees, pedigree documentation, exhibitions, cat litter, cat toys, cat food, scratching posts, veterinary bills, advertising costs etc.

And the "mating fee" can easily be just as expensive as the cost price for the mother herself…
During the last few years the prices for most of the things that a cat breeder needs has risen considerably. In contrast, the price of a pedigree cat has remained stable for many years.
A responsible breeder gives up a lot of time and money for his cats, and our animals are very special and unique cats which grew up with lots of love, comfort and medical attention and which lived with us in the flat and not in a cage or a basement. If it is quality and security you are looking for, then you should not haggle as if you were at a Turkish market.

Those that are only concerned with the price are in the long run only supporting suspect breeders and the suffering of the animals kept by them. If, however, you are tempted to buy a cat out of sympathy to "get the cat out of there", then please instead call the relevant animal protection authorities. Otherwise you will only be making it financially possible for the "breeder" to continue.
Our "babies" are handed over to their new owners when they are at least 12-16 weeks old, vaccinated, wormed and healthy. They are sold only with a contract and a pedigree certificate, and on request and at the expense of the buyer, a blood test.

Our kittens generally cost 950,- Euro each.
250,- Euro of that is to be paid once you have selected your kitten. 400,- Euro is to be paid when you come to collect your kitten.
You will at this point also receive the vaccination and the pedigree documents, the "ID" of your cat.
The remaining 300,- Euro is to be paid when you wish to use the cat for breeding purposes, or more accurately if the cat has actually fathered or given birth to kittens, i.e. after the first litter. We consider this to be fair, as we are ultimately not the ones counting on the cat, and it might well be that he or she cannot have babies.

If, however, you are only interested in buying the cat just to have as a pet, then the remaining 300,- Euro no longer apply once you send us the castration certificate. We generally recommend that you castrate your cat if you just want it as a pet. This really is an act of kindness for the animal, as life as an uncastrated cat can be quite cruel for both the cat and the owner. You could say that this is a pet-owners discount. Because we strongly wish our cats - which were raised with love - new owners with common sense, a heart and lots of love.

During the time in which the kittens are growing up with us, we would like you to enjoy some of their earlier moments. This is why we like to welcome the "new parents" to our home every two weeks on Sunday afternoons, so that you have a chance to play with your kitten and get to know their siblings. Coffee and tea is on the house, and up to now someone has always brought along cake…

We are willing to ship, but we do prefer to sell our kittens to people we know by sight, not only via telephone, email etc. So a visit would be appreciated in any case- better two: one for chosing and one for picking up. or maybe a third.. forth.. fifth during the time the kitten is growing up
as already mentioned before.

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