Canaletto's Regenbogenbrücke

auf englisch gibt es ein schönes, tröstendes Gedicht:

Lend Me A Kitten

  I will lend to you
  for a while a kitten, God said.
  For you to love while she lives,
  and mourn when she is dead

Maybe for twelve or fourteen years,
  or maybe two or three.
  But will you, till I call her back,
  take care of her for me?

She'll bring her charme to gladden you
  and should her stay be brief,
  you'll always have her
  as solace for your grief.

  I cannot promise she will stay,since
  all from earth return, but there are
  lessons taught below this kitten is to

I've looked the whole
world over
  in search of teachers true,
  and from all the folks on earth
  I have chosen you
Now will you give her all your love,
  not think the labor vain?
  Nor hate me when I come to take
  my kitten home again?
And my heart replied,
  "My Lord, that will be done."
  For all the joys this kitten brings,
  the risk of grief I'll run.
We'll shelter her with tenderness,
  we'll love her while we may,
  and for the happiness we've known,

  forever grateful stay.


But should you call her back
  much sooner than we planned,
  we'll brave the bitter grief that comes,
  and try to understand.

If by our love we've managed
  your wishes to achieve,
  in memory of her sweet love,
  please help us
while we grieve
When our cherished kitten departs

  this world of stress and strife,
  please send yet another needing soul
  to love for all her life


so God has lent me (for a while):

AngelFire's HappyEnd
of Canaletto's
blackmackereltorbie/weiß - geboren/born: 14.06.1998
gest. 19.05.2005

Vater/Sire:Jellybaby Red and Hot v. Roggenberg (red classic tabby/weiß)
Mutter/Dam:Vergy of Forestsprite (black mackerel tabby)

Canaletto's UncommonGrace
bluetorbieclassic/white - geboren/born: 19.05.2005 gest. 01.05.2006

Vater/Sire: CH Morningsun TeddyBlue of Canalettos (blue)
Mutter/Dam: AngelFire's HappyEnd of Canalettos (blackmackereltorbie/white)

Canaletto's RoanokeBlueBeau
- bluetabbyblotched/white - geboren 16.10.2009 - gest. 18.02.2011

Vater/Sire: CH Dotcom Lance of Canaletto's(bluetabbyblotched/white)
Mutter/Dam: Gr.Int.Ch/IP Canaletto's RoanokeBlueBelle (bluetorbieclassic)

Canaletto's DetroitLioness
- geboren 28.05.2007 - gest. 03.06.2011

Sire/Vater: Euro Ch.(FIFe)/ CH (CFA) Canaletto's YankeeDoodleDandy DVM (blacksilverclassictabby/white)
Dam/Mutter: CH (FIFe) Witchwood Batida of Canaletto's (redsilvermackereltabby/white)

CH (TICA) / CH (FIFe) Dotcom SpitfirePilot of Canalettos
blacktabbyblotched/white - geboren/born: 05.05.2006 gest. 12.08.2008

Vater/Sire: CH Lacocoon HeyJude (blacktabbyblotched/white)
Mutter/Dam: Dotcom Mignonette (blacktabbyblotched)

IC(FIFé)/CH (CFA) Cumbrescoon Rhonda's Treasure
blacktabbyblotched/white geboren: 06.07.2011 - gestorben: 08.03.2013

Vater: CH. Acadiacoons Madockawando (blackmackereltabby/white)
Mutter: Cumbrescoon Flower (bluemackereltabby/white-van)

zu Treasure's Nachruf auf Lizas Seite


stellvertetend auch für
Canaletto's Lord Arthur,
Canaletto's Minnesota Minnie,
Canaletto's Just-In-Time
und die Katzenbabies, die es nicht geschafft haben ein angefangenes Katzenleben auch zu vollenden.

..und für Manu, die 8 Maine Coons, zwei davon von uns,
als Mitbewohner hatte (und nen Mann) - die Anfang 2010 schon mit 42 gehen musste.
Wir vermissen Sie sehr, denn sie war unsere Freundin.




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