Germany's "secret capital": Munich


Munich is known as Bavaria's capital , supposedly it is Italy's northernmost city and the arena of the in-crowd.
Founded by Henry the Lion, aroundt 1158, the city has grown to be the center of Bavaria,
not least because of the Wittelsbach dynasty, which ruled from here until 1918.

Munich also is the city of the Olympic Games of 1972, the "capital of the movement"
of the Nazis -which is often conveniently forgotten - and additional to being a
center of art and culture is also a center of the Bavarian industry:
BMW, Siemens, Allianz and many other global players "have their headquarters.

Above all, Munich is a very liveable "state")) - which is indeed
already proved by the fact that constantly numerous "Preissn" and "Zuagroaste" set up their home here...


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