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not yet Italy but in Italy



Merano is a piece of home for us - our family here has always had its summer home - we are
therefore often found there. the "dusty old-people spa image" which usually is connected
with Merano by people of my generation is - joyosely found out - completely wrong., Merano is young, chic and lively ....

Once Merano was the capital of Tyrol until the role was assumed by Innsbruck.
The castle Tyrol which lies above the city gave the country itself its name.
Since the end of the 19th century Merano is a spa town once as well known as Baden-Baden,
playground for the elite. From this period, as from the previous centuries,
architectural monuments have remained of great beauty,making up to the charm of this town.

Since the end of World War one Merano as the whole of South Tyrol belongs to Italy.
The south tyrolians have arranged themselves over the decades and a "modus vivendi"
has been found in the existence of the "autonomous province of Bolzano" - so this still
"German-speaking" landscape connects both worlds to best ..

The surroundings of Merano, the Vintschgau, the Passeirertal,
the Etschtal are the orchard of Central Europe and the mountains around the are ideal for walking, climbing, hiking.


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