Canaletto's Media Shots .
"Maine Coon goes cinema"
our cats in the medias: film, books, Magazines....

Over the years some of the pictures featuring our cats have been used for books, magazines and advertisement. "We" have had some filmstars also..
down here are some examples:




... the whole summer of 2003 Ohio was the animal Co-star of german actress Corinna Harfouch during the filming of " Bibi Blocksberg II", a german childrens picture about a small witch...Ohio being the cat of the big bad witch of course;))
the animal trainer liked to work with him - and we had a lot of fun in the cinema and now of course the DVD at home.

..and in 2007 Dandy was working, totally untrained, but cool as ever, for a german TV-production. we will see if the shots will really be included in the film (we never checked)...



books, magazines and advertisement.




1996: Buckley and Beaulieu were standing model for cover and interior of a book called " our kitten".

also in 2003: Belle as covergirl on the December issue of "Maine Attractions" a joyous treat for us - (but also seen around the world…)

2003: Ohio is starring as cover of a book called "senior-cats" (as an eight-month-old..grin) and the rest of the crew is to be seen in the book as well…


In the October 2005 issue of germanys catfancy-magazine "Geliebte Katze" was a Maine Coon feature
starring our Vulcan as titlephoto (looking soo grim and being such a baby) and with pictures of Teddy and Star
(in the arms of Eva Schulzes daughter Kaja, because the Cats of Eva, Tammanys cattery, also were included in the feature)

in February 2007 Dotcom SpitfirePilot, our english tom, "smiled" at us from the cover of "Katzen extra ".
Very sudden and unexpected;)

and in November 2009 fashion magazine "Jolie" featured
ecological grown material fashion in a shooting with our"N²"-litte


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