- "Japanoiseries":
the japanese garden in Augsburg and the japanese teahouse in Munich


In 1984 the japanese partner cities of Augsburg, Amagasaki and Nagahama giftet the 2000-year-old Lech city with a Japanese garden on occasion of the 25-year anniversary of their partnership- this was reflected in a garden which has european rank and is one of the most important creations of japanese gardens outside Japan. The architect Yoshikuni Araki based it on models from Japan's imperial city of Kyoto. As Augsburg already possessed a Japanese rock garden, the "Rudolf-Diesel-Gedächtnishain" since 1957, a water garden was created for the botanical garden. Unusual for Europeans is the eye-catching arrangement of the stones. a well-designed stream flows over rocks and steps - pleasing the eye and soul in every season - filled with water or, as in fall , "only" as a stream of pebbles. This site is sending out peace and harmony and you can go there to meditate when not too many vistors are there.
The Japanese architect described the importance of the garden as follows:

"There should be a garden that is loved by the citizens, and where they find their inner peace. It will also enable a conversation with the Japanese culture.


On the occasion of the Olympic Summer Games in 1972 and the city partnership which was begun then with Sapporo, the host of the Winter Olympics, in 1969 a japanese Teahouse was built and a Japanese garden created at the southern end of the "English Garden", just behind the "House of Art" on a small island in the lake there. In the teahouse a traditional Japanese tea ceremony is held regularly . Each summer there is also a "japanese festival" held there.


Augsburg: the japanese Garden

Augsburg: the japanese rockgarden "Rudolf-Diesel-Gedächtnishain"

Munich: the japanese Teahouse

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