WCF Standard Maine Coon

Dies ist der Maine Coon Standard der WCF, einer der ebenfalls weltweit vertretenen Assoziationen.
Da Maine Coons ja amerikanische Katzen sind steht hier nur die Originalversion in englisch.:

WCF Standard Maine Coon


Large to very large sized cat, body muscular, long and broad, overall impression rectangular.
Neck medium-long, with sturdy musculature; broad chest. Substantial muscular legs of medium length; feet large, round, well-tufted. Tail at least as long as to reach the shoulder, wide at base
and tapering to a pointed tip, with flowing hair.

Large massive skull, squared appearance with straight contours; cheekbones high, nose of
medium length; muzzle massive and square, distinct muzzle break. Chin massive and firm, in
line with upper lip and nose. Curved profile.

Ears: Very large, tall ears, wide at the base and tapering to appear pointed at the tip. Set almost upright
and high, the distance between them being not more than an ear width. The ear furnishing extends beyond the outer edge of the ear. Ear tufts are desired.

Eyes: Large, oval, spaced wide apart and set slightly oblique; eye colour to be uniform and harmonizing
with the coat colour.

Coat: Short on the head and shoulders, except the ruff; obviously increasing in length down the back
and flanks. Dense undercoat, soft and fine, covered by a coarser, more substantial top coat. The dense smoothly flowing top coat is waterproof, completely covering the back, flanks and the
upper side of the tail. Underside of body and back side of hind legs have only undercoat. Long
frill is desired, but a full ruff is not essential.

Colour Varieties: Chocolate and cinnamon and the according diluted colours (lilac and fawn) are not accepted in
any pattern combinations (bi-colour, tri-colour, tabby). Also, the c s -factor is not accepted.
Any other colour is accepted, the descriptions of colours are listed in the General Colour Guide.


A coat of overall even length is a fault. Fine boning prevents from awarding CAC.

  Scale of Points  
  Body: 35 Points  
  Head: 30 Points  
  Coat Colour and Texture: 25 Points  
  Eye Colour:   5 Points  
  Condition:   5 Points  
On 08/03/2002 the WCF General Assembly decided at their meeting in Milan that, as of now,
cross breeding of extraneous breeds to the natural breeds Maine Coon, Norwegian, Turkish
and Siberian depend on the permission by the judge's commission.

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