Canalettos A³-Wurf - die "AlphaTiere"

geboren: 23.01.2013 
Farben: black tabby blotched - black tabby blotched/white  

Int.Ch. Cumbrescoon's Rhonda's Treasure

black tabby blotched / white

geb.: 06.07.2011
Besitzer: Liza Gerber & Henning Müller-Rech,
Züchter: Rhonda K. Wenrich

Ch. Acadiacoon's Madockawando
black tabby mackerel / white

GrandCh. ABCcats Buster´s Magic Spirit
black tabby mackerel / white

Ch. Coonunnski I Not Ugly I Cute

Ch. Coonunnski Eskimo Joe of Kaylorcoons
ABCcats Montana Max of Coonunnski
Stonedance Furgie of Coonunnskie
Ch. Meownsch Limelight of Coonunnski
Ch. HC Coons McGyver of Coonunnski
Ch. Groovycats Lady Katie of Meownsch
Ch. ABCcats Moon Spun Magic

Ch. Qitah Fifle Goes West of ABCcats
Ch. Hertzmick Pon Far of Sunfall
Ch. Pr Guitars Shay Shania of Quitah
Ch. Morcoons Dark O´The Moon of ABCcats
Morcoons Garth Vader
Ch. Little Tiger Abbey Road of Morcoon
Acadiacoons Kathadin's Shadow
black tabby mackerel / white

GrandCh. Pawtalk Aroostook of Acadiacoons

GrandCh. Pawtalk Troy Aik´maine of Kccoons
GrandCh. Katmaindu Stormin Norman Schwarzkat DM
Pawtalk Spelled Out in Blk & Wht
Ch. Pawtalk Pretty Wo´maine´of Acadiacoons
GrandCh. Pawtalk Patent Pending
Ch. Groovycats Lava Lamp of Pawtalk
GrandCh. Acadiacoons Eggemoggin

Ch. Acadiacoons Cobbosseecontee RW
GrandCh. Kankoonkats Reuben of Chattacoon
Ch. Acadiacoons Sophia Sugarfoot Hall
Ch. Acadiacoons Katahdin
GrandCh. Pawtalk Aroostook of Acadiacoons
Ch. Katmaindu Madawaska PineCoon
Cumbrescoon's Flower
blue tabby mackerel / white(van)

GrandCh. Telecoons Big Mac of Cumbrescoons
blue tabby mackerel / white

GrandCh. Telecoons Colby

Ch. Eigenkatz SQL
GrandCh. Bocoon Top Cun of Tadofa
Ch. Bocoon Beaunilla Ice of Eigenkatz
Ch. Kanab Luanne Rachel of Telecoons
Ch. Noogats Rhone-Ranger of Kanab
Kanab Luanne Tlingit Moosekitty
Zunicoon Maddie of Telecoons

Ch. Frenchpaws Pheonix of Zunicoon
Mysticoon Majestic of Coonsboro
Velvet Jewels Whimsey of Frenchpaws
Cancoon Wind Whispers of Zunicoon
Cancoon Billy Bob
Doranjo Miss Richie of Cancoon
Dirigo Pearlessence of Cumbrecoons
blue-cream / white

Ch. Dirigo Stratton
QGC MtKittery Warren Peace of Coons´kin
MtKittery Penobscat
SGC Kiskata Quoddy of Mt Kittery
Ch. Dirigo Maranacook Midnight
Dirigo Pirate Lord
Dirigo Cameo Ginger
Dirigo Joy Joy

CH Dirigo Sea Smoke
CH Dirigo Swift River Ruffian
Dirigo Berwick Berry
Dirigo Lady Nugget
CH Dirigo Swift River Ruffian
Dirigo Pirate Lady
Canaletto's Xylona

black tabby blotched / white

geb.: 29.07.2011

CH. Koontyme Espresso Con Panna of Canaletto's
black tabby blotched / white
Züchter: Dawn Hunt

Enchantacoon Big Bad Bart
black tabby mackerel / white

Guitars Gabriel of Enchantacoon

Capecoon Stevie Ray of Guitars
Capecoon Righteous Rider
Capecoon Caitlin
Koontucky Bonni Raitt of Guitars
Koontucky Southern Comfort
Sealed With a Kiss of Koontucky
Enchantacoon Athena The Hell Child

Kumskaka Austin of Amerrikoon
CH Capecoon Mischief Maker
CH Kumskaka's Scripture Paige
Henrietta of Enchantacoon
Maineflashes Red Flashes Maineman
Amerrykoon Bailey
Ch. American Gothic Casi Cielo
tortie tabby blotched / white

CH AmericanGothic Tuck Everlasting
DGC AmericanGothic Bustah Rhymes
AmericanGothic Ethan Hawke
AmericanGothic Naomi Judd
Coolcoons Bubble nSqueak of American Gothic
Karocoons Brookite
Maineflame Island Dream
AmericanGothic Esme Willow Edain

AmericanGothic Ethan Hawke
CH Meunerie Thaddeus Carver of Donnahugh
Rumford Doreatha Mae
Mia Franchesca of AmericanGothic
Jumanji of Never Ending
Florera Carmen of Never Ending
Canaletto's TexasBelle
blue-cream tabby blotched / white

Mobby Dick the Tenderly
red tabby blotched / white

Ch. Dotcom Lance of Canaletto's
CH. Lacocoon Hey Jude
GRC Lacocoon Sgt Pepper
Puddleduck Honey Don't
Dotcom Melinda
Angmars Warlock
Dotcom Emina Minx
Broadway Queen the Tenderly
Firestorm v. Pittental
CH. Knight of my House v. Pittental
Supr.Ch Lady Marmalade v. Pittental
Amazing Grace the Tenderly
Templeton Pac the Tenderly
Willowplace Lady Amber
CH. Canaletto's NantucketBriary
Enormes Kittens Urs

Wildwillows Horst Hubert
QGC Koontucky Nighthawk
Gr.Int.Ch. Waldemaine Lydia
GrandCh. Enormes Kitten's Indra
Int.Ch. Penogacats Valentino
WW Enormes Kitten's Babs
Int.Ch. Canaletto's CatskillsBlueSkies

Ch./Supr.Ch Canaletto's YankeeDoodleDandy DVM
Int.Ch. MagicLake's Vulcan of Canalettos
Franziska Grünholder
Int.Ch. Canaletto's WillO'TheWisp
CH. Morningsun TeddyBlue of Canalettos
Gr.Int.Ch./Int.Pr./ Canaletto's RoanokeBlueBelle
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