Canaletto's B³-Wurf

Gebore/born: 23.02.2013
Farben/Colors: blue (smoke?)  

Ch.(CFA) / Supr.Ch (FIFe) Canaletto's YankeeDoodleDandy DVM black silver tabby blotched / white
geb.: 12.02.2006

Int.Ch. MagicLake's Vulcan of Canalettos

MagicLake's NatureBoy
Gandolf of Diamond Hill
Nature's Judge the Bear
Ch. Gentle Favourit's Jenny
CH Witchbreeds Mauna Loa
Witchcats Smoke on the Water
Witchcats Little Hellfire
Auchentoshan's SweetSign
Gentle Favourit's Xarelan
Gentle Favourit's Nantucket
Cosima Shiva of Diamond Hill
St.John's Final Fantasy
Ch. Coonyham Buster Brown
Ch. St. John's Voodoo Queen
Franziska Grünholder
black silver tabby blotched / white

Clyde v. Grünholder

Larry of Glems Valley

GrandCh. Alpha Addison of Charmingcat
CH. Alice of Glems Valley
Denis v.Donautal

Int.Ch. Yasco v. Racoon
Int.Ch. Elisa of Faberge
Canaletto's Lady Grace
black tabby ticked / white

Blue Samson the Fabulous of Canaletto's

Ch. Super-Star's Uljano
Lollipop the Fabulous
AngelFire's HappyEnd of Canaletto's

Jellybaby Red + Hot vom Roggenberg
Vergy of Forestsprite
Canaletto's UnsinkableMollyBrown
black tabby blotched /white
geb.: 11.02.2011.

CH. Koontyme Espresso Con Panna
black tabby blotched / white
geb.: 28.06.2009
Züchter: Dawn Hunt

Enchantacoon Big Bad Bart

Guitars Gabriel of Enchantacoon
red silver tabby blotched / white

Capecoon Stevie Ray of Guitars
Koontucky Bonni Raitt of Guitars
Enchantacoon Athena The Hell Child

Kumskaka Austin of Amerrikoon
Henrietta of Enchantacoon
Ch. Grantwood (American Gothic) Casi Cielo

CH AmericanGothic Tuck Everlasting

DGC AmericanGothic Bustah Rhymes
Coolcoons Bubble nSqueak of American Gothic
AmericanGothic Esme Willow Edain

AmericanGothic Ethan Hawke
Mia Franchesca of AmericanGothic
CH. Canaletto's NantucketBriary
blue / white
geb.: 27.04.2009

Enormes Kittens Urs

Wildwillows Horst Hubert
QGC Koontucky Nighthawk
Gr.Int.Ch. Waldemaine Lydia
GrandCh. Enormes Kitten's Indra
Int.Ch. Penogacats Valentino
Enormes Kitten's Babs
Int.Ch. Canaletto's CatskillsBlueSkies
blue / white

Ch./Supr.Ch Canaletto's YankeeDoodleDandy DVM

Int.Ch. MagicLake's Vulcan of Canalettos
Franziska Grünholder
Int.Ch. Canaletto's WillO'TheWisp
blue-cream tabby blotched

CH. Morningsun TeddyBlue of Canalettos
Gr.Int.Ch./Int.Pr. Canaletto's RoanokeBlueBelle
Canaletto's 2013